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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dean & Deluca's 15 Licorice Varieties

1. White Duet Licorice Drops: Hard and very chewy with a chalky, grainy mouth feel. Really intense peppermint flavor.

2. Black Duet Licorice Drops: Similar texture to the white variety, with a creamy vanilla and caramel flavor, followed by a slight aroma of anise and ammonia.

3. Double Salt : This candy is stamped with a "DZ," which stands for "double salt" in Dutch. It was probably the worst candy I've ever eaten. After about five seconds on my tongue, I realized it tasted just like ammonia or perm solution and I spit it out! I'm not sure if it's really edible.

4. Licorice Mounties: Brown exterior had a strong maple flavor with notes of black coffee and a sandy texture. The interior had a traditional black licorice flavor with a semi-soft texture.

5. Licorice Buttons: These super hard and chewy little dots were full of berry and vanilla aromas and had a floral licorice flavor.

6. Salmiak Rocks: Simply the complete opposite of the Licorice Mounties.

7. Honey Licorice: Even thought this candy boasts a lovely beehive design, it didn't taste one bit like honey. It has a sweet and ammonia-like flavor with a crumbly texture.

8. Licorice Ice: This little tube has a very satisfyingly sweet hard candy shell that cracked when bitten into. It's filling was light peppermint-flavored, with a nice creamy, vanilla background.

9. Money Licorice: These made me want a return on my money. They had a papery, cardboard flavor that was laced with must and ammonia. They were also really hard and chewy. Perfect for a filling removal.

10. Black Kookaburra: Yum. Soft and chewy, spicy and delicious, with lots of molasses and cloves.

11. Licorice Caramel: These were my favorite! Super soft like a Kraft caramel, with a milky, floral flavor that reminded me of lots of lavender.

12. Licorice Mint: The same as number 11, with a bright, spicy, peppermint swirl.

13. Mango Kookaburra: Soft and sticky texture with tart, acidic, like an under ripe mango flavors.

14. Green Apple Kookaburra: Bright green apple scent and flavor, with a salty start and a chalky finish.

15. Raspberry Kookaburra The gourmet version of a Twizzler. Lots of acid and tang, followed by a sweet and salty, bright red berry flavor.

via http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/05/licorice-at-dean-and-deluca-candy.html

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