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Sunday, April 25, 2010

why the posts

i dont have a blog bc i dont really have anything to say. no message, no agenda. no carefully composed thoughts that i want to share with any particular wide or niche audience.  i already share links, recipes, pictures and other random stuff on facebook.  and thats good enough for me.

tonight, however, i wanted to visit this one blog where someone posts a thank you every day to something. it was cheerful wo being overly saccharine and i liked it but i hadnt been to the site in a long time. and i had posted a link to this blog on my facebook page.

poked around, no link. looked deeper. still couldnt find it. i thought it might be something like thanksthanksthanks.tumblr.com, but it wasnt. and it wasnt tnxtnxtnx or thnxthnxthnx. maybe its been deleted.

you really cannot search through wall postings or comments on facebook. fb really isnt a blogging platform. so i am starting this as a way to keep things searchable.


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